At our AGM on 13 May 2021, Mike Turner (Treasurer) will not be seeking re-election as he comes to the end of his third year in office. He will have completed three terms, meaning nine years of service in total. This will leave us with 6 Board members, however, as four members are over the age of 75, we urgently need to look to the future and get younger members involved to ensure we secure the future of the Supporters’ Co-operative.

The Board are extremely proud of what has been achieved on behalf of members over the past nine years. More recently the attached PDF (Annual Achievements), gives an indication of what the Co-op has achieved over the past 12 months.

Our work continues and last month we arranged for the installation of 14 hand dryers at the Ground. Two of the dryers were purchased by the Co-operative and the others were generously donated by Initial Service.

This week we have some very special news to announce – after many futile discussions with a number of previous ground owners, we have at last received permission to erect a disabled facility on the Rugby clubhouse side of the ground. We are in discussions with the ‘Level Playing Field’ organisation and will release further details of the project in due course.

We have recently held a very positive meeting with Jason Dean, Football Club chairman and spoken in depth as to how the Co-operative can continue to develop their working relationship with the Football Club.

We also touched upon the outstanding issue of shares in lieu of our investment made in 2019 and also fan’s representation on the Football Club Board.

We left the meeting encouraged that a robust structure is to be implemented at the Club over the course of the next few months and that the two issues mentioned above will be resolved.

At the end of last year, we put out an appeal to members seeking new blood to come on to the Co-operative Board, especially younger members to address the present age imbalance, also to ensure our survival to represent our 150 members.

On 1 April members will receive notification of this year’s AGM arrangement. This will also include an option for members to submit a nomination form for consideration in the election process to join the Co-operative Board. A copy of the ‘Election Nomination Form guide’ is attached clarifying the process – I would encourage all members to familiarise themselves with the guide to see if they meet the criteria.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside other Boro fans and help in continuing the good work of the Co-operative in representing our supporters. Assistance will be readily available to induct new members, however, bringing fresh ideas to the table, within the confines of our rules will be encouraged.

During lockdown the Co-operative has conducted monthly meetings via Zoom and there is the option to continue with this medium if it enables members from outside the Nuneaton area to get involved.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact John Hobson on 07961 891459, email or Mike Turner on 07854 175522, email if you have any questions as we really need your help to guarantee the future of the Nuneaton Borough Supporters’ Co-operative.

Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

Up the Boro !