Mike Turner

I moved to Nuneaton in 1980, following a work transfer. I have always been an ardent follower of local football and accordingly made my debut at Manor Park in 1981 v Kidderminster. I have been aboard the ‘Boro Roller Coaster’ ever since, being a season ticket holder for over 10 years.

My background is in banking. I retired 4 years ago, following a 40 year career, my last post being Senior Manager at NatWest, Rugby. I am married with 2 grown up sons, both born and raised in Nuneaton. I have undertaken a number of Treasurerships, including serving Nuneaton and District Scout Council for 30 years and 7 years as Assistant Treasurer for The Friends of St Cross Hospital, Rugby.

I am currently Interim Vice-Chairman of the Supporters’ Co-operative and have been actively involved in co-ordinating the new Memorial Garden. Over the past 12 months I have developed the Community Foundation allotment at the Stadium and am committed to expand the facility and make it available to the wider Community.

I feel the Co-operative has a very important role to play in the future development and success of Nuneaton Town Football Club. Also in promoting a greater sense of Community spirit.

I do not underestimate the responsibility of being a Board Member ensuring that our Group Aims are met, however, I know I possess the enthusiasm and drive to play my part in achieving our aspirations.