The £2 Annual Membership

Membership form Amended 2018

Membership of the Co-operative is a snip at just £2 a year. Joining us gives you the chance to help shape your football club for the future, and to help  us realise your dreams and visions.

Football is littered with examples of how fans have taken a stake, or complete control in a football club, and then go on to help push things forward, and deliver a community asset that reflects a group of shared values and beliefs, and that’s something we desperately we want to achieve at The Boro’.

The more people that sign up, the easier that becomes, and so at the 2015 AGM, the decision was made to make the cost of membership nominal, so as to ensure we could best get onboard as many supporters as possible, and give us the best possible mandate to work for the fans.

Now, fans can also sign up online, giving them further ease of access to the Co-operative. Joining us gives you a voice and a vote on what we do, and importantly, can one day give you a voice and a vote on what the football club does.

Maybe you want to get more involved, and bring your skills to work for us all, or maybe you just want to make sure that those in charge are directly accountable to you, and that never again, do we suffer mismanagement, and secrecy, and that we always represent the will of our supporters.

Presently membership is restricted to those aged 16 and above, due to the fact that only over 16s are allowed to vote on Co-operative issues and also be allocated a £1 share. It is our intention to offer free membership to under 16s in the near future and will be looking at what we can offer junior members. An announcement in this respect will be made in due course.

Members can make a discretionary donation to The Co-operative, if they so wish.

To sign up online, simply download the form attached, enter your details electronically, and then press submit. You’ll need to make a bank transfer of £2 to the details on the form as well, and once that has been processed, your membership is complete. You can also still print off a copy and bring it to us at a game, or post it off to the address shown on the document if you’d prefer.

We’ll send you a reminder every August when it’s time to renew, and you can pay however you would like then.

Up the Boro!