Martin Ball

My name is Martin Ball, born in Nuneaton, 67 years of age, of which, I would think, I have supported the Boro’ for the best part of 60 years of them.

I remember being taken down to Manor Park by my elder brother when the team played in the Birmingham League and averaged gates’ of over four to five thousand!

I’ve now been retired for over 5 years, having served an apprenticeship as a compositor at Alfred Conner,Nuneaton, I spent the rest of my working life in the newspaper industry, at the Evening Tribune, Bedworth Echo, Hinckley Times and Coventry Evening Telegraph.

My main hobbies now in retirement are gardening, growing orchids and of course football.

I became involved with the old Nuneaton Town Supporter Club a couple of years ago when John Hobson was struggling along, almost single-handedly, to keep it afloat.

I have helped in several fund-raising events during that time, raising money to aid football club in different ways.

Now, after amalgamating with the Supporters’ Trust a couple of months ago, forming the new Nuneaton Town Supporters’ Co-operative I believe we have an opportunity to help make improvements for the football club, but more importantly, all of the supporters of the club at Liberty Way.

During the last couple of months I have been involved in creating the Memorial Garden at Liberty Way, which is now almost finished, and of which the Co-operative can be really proud.

I believe that now we have the basis of a hard-working committee, and, with the recruitment of as many new members as possible to the new Co-operative, we can look forward to helping the club return to it’s rightful place amongst the non-league elite.