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From Town to Town Heritage Project

 In May 2014, the Co-operative was successful in obtaining a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant of £45,000, to record the history of senior football in Nuneaton, from 1889 to date. This coincided with the club’s 125th anniversary.
A small band of dedicated volunteers have subsequently spent many hours researching the club’s history, as well as undertaking various community engagements. 
A website is at the core of the project and you can watch the story unfold at

Memorial Garden 

Following the club’s  move from Manor Park, The Supporters’ Co-operative undertook to create a Memorial Garden at Liberty Way.
 Volunteers  commenced work at the end of July 2011, with the garden being formally opened on 12 November 2011, following a dedication service conducted by the Rev Simon Betteridge.
The project was largely financed by the Supporters’ Co-operative, however, we are indebted to Devall and Son, for donating an impressive marble plinth.
A piece of turf from Manor Park was laid at the rear of the garden to ensure we remember those who had ashes scattered at the former ground.

Registration of Asset of Community value (ACV)

Introduction of new legislation, ie the Localism Act in 2011, presented the Co-operative Board with the opportunity to register the ground at Liberty Way as an ‘Asset of Community Value’. Basically this means that the Co-operative will be given a period of time to consider submitting a bid for the ground if it was ever put up for sale on the open market.  An ACV is defined as a building or land which furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community; or that has done so in the recent past.
The process of submitting the application to the local council commenced in March 2013, culminating in successful registration of the land as an ACV in June 2013. 
We became the second supporter group in the country to register their club’s ground as an ACV.  Oxford United’s Trust became the first group having had their registration confirmed  a matter of weeks before ourselves. In the meantime, in excess of 30 supporters groups have completed ACV ground registrations, including Old Trafford and Anfield.

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