The Co-operative came about shortly after the reformation of the football club, as the remnants of the club’s Supporter’s Steering Committee, sought to form a new organisation, with the aim of creating a democratic body that could seek representation and part ownership of the football club.

This move saw the club’s Trust and Supporter’s Club merge to create this new organisation and since then they have been able to achieve a number of goals, the registering of Liberty Way as an Asset of Community Value, and the charting of the extensive history of the club, via the Town to Town Project.

8 responses to “Co-operative

  1. Hello,
    I currently volunteer on Thursday mornings at the Boro ground and I would like to join the Supporter’s Co-operative. Unfortunately, I am unable to download a form, so perhaps I could collect one on a Thursday morning.
    Many thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi J Bass,

      Sadly the ownership of Boro Leisure Ltd (Nuneaton Borough FC) is still unclear at present. If the Supporters’ Co-Operative are able to get in a position to be able to become owners of the Boro and start a Community Share initiative, we will let you and everyone know.

      Kind regards,
      Acting chair

  2. Hello, I have today set up a yearly standing order and my first membership payment will leave my account on Monday 22cd October 2018. I have used all your details on the application form. I am requesting membership of Nuneaton Borough Supporter’s Co-operative. I am currently a volunteer on Thursdays. My email address is
    Many thanks in anticipation and good luck for the future.
    Ivor Timson

    • Hi Ivor,

      Many thanks for joining the Co-Operative and for volunteering on Thursdays. Your efforts are very much appreciated. We will add you onto our mailing list, and you can also access any updates from the board on here, and via social media.

      Kind regards,
      Acting chair

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