Potential share offer

As you may already be aware, steps are being taken to create a rescue package. This package may provide the Co-op with an opportunity to purchase a 10% shareholding in the Boro.

We are interested in pursuing this opportunity as it meets the Co-op’s aims and could help to ensure the future of the club. However, before any decision can be made, we must be able to view the prospectus and fully consider the proposals. We have received useful advice and guidance from Supporters’ Direct that will helps us during discussions with the club and other potential shareholders.

It is also important that we are confident in our ability to fund any potential shareholding on an ongoing basis and that we have the support of our members as well as the fan base in general. This support may be in the form of donations or participation in organised events and competitions. An example of how this could work can be seen on the website of Bluebirds Trust (http://www.bluebirdstrust.co.uk/fanownership/) who are currently experiencing a similar situation at Barrow AFC.

The Co-Op would like to assure both members and the wider community of supporters that fan representation is at the forefront of our ambitions and we look forward to the publication of a prospectus for our consideration.

If you would like to know more about the Co-Op or would like to offer us much-needed assistance, we are happy to speak to you at the club on Saturday, via social media or on email at info@nbfccoop.co.uk.