Volunteer initiative week 3 update

Nuneaton Borough Supporters Co-operatives work party initiative netted a hat-trick of its own with 3 work parties taking place during this week.

It also marked the 3rd week in a row that like-minded Boro supporters and Club staff joined forces to tackle a list of jobs that needed doing.

Week 3 saw the stairs to the main stand and the step we repaired last week painted with non-slip yellow paint to define the steps better and improve safety.

The fence alongside the players entrance has been finished off and an outside fence adjacent to the main stand has been repaired and secured.

The Memorial Garden and ground nearby has received a much needed tidy up with weeding and pruning also being carried out near the turnstiles and the entrance to the community garden.

Rooms and corridors that have been used as dumping grounds have continued to be tidied, although there is still some way to go with this.

Completing our efficient sweeper system that the Italian teams of old would have been proud of, a litter picking party tidied the ground considerably.

During the week, the TV’s in the bar and a projector has also been fixed and will hopefully be up and running on Saturday.

Yet again, a great team effort has seen us make inroads but there is still plenty to be done so if you feel you can help to make a difference please get in touch.

We currently have work parties taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

We are sure you will enjoy not only the satisfaction of helping your club but also the banter and the company of other Boro fans as we see our team spirit and sense of togetherness building week on week.

We also hope that local businesses are able to support us and in turn benefit both the Boro and their local community.

If you think you are able to help, either by attending a work party or by providing materials we require, please contact Mike Turner at mike@nbfccoop.co.uk ,on 07854 175522 , or turn up on one of the volunteer mornings.

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