Volunteer initiative

Dear Members and Boro fans,
We are delighted to announce a Co-Operative initiative to assist the football club on a voluntary basis and will initially hold a meeting at the football club on Tuesday, 4 September, at 9.45 am, to explain what tasks needs to be undertaken and how you can assist. This will be followed by undertaking a few small tasks.

Work will be undertaken in conjunction with groundsman Phil Williams and Adam Etheridge, the Club Secretary. Much of the initial work will be light groundwork and accordingly, anyone with a reasonable level of mobility will be able to assist. Those with additional trade skills will be particularly welcome, as will those with technical and administration skills. Initially all you need to bring is a pair of gardening gloves, thereafter we will see what equipment we can resource.

The timing of proposed work will probably mean that the majority of the volunteers will be of retirement age so please do not let any perceived limitations put you off, as there will be no exclusions and indeed, one important member of the team will be required to make tea and coffee for volunteers.

Initially we will be looking to meet up at the club weekly on a Tuesday morning, however, if this doesn’t fit in with your availability then we may be able to look at an alternative morning.

We want the volunteer group to enjoy camaraderie with like minded Boro supporters and build a Community spirit. As we evolve will be looking to show matches from the ‘From Town to Town’ DVD archives and invite ex-players etc to give a talk, particularly as we enter the winter months. Indeed we will be very receptive to your ideas.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to assist and, if possible, bring along a friend(s). In the meantime if you require any further information then please feel free to contact Mike Turner at mike@nbfccoop.co.uk or mobile 07854 175522.

Up the Boro

Martin Ball

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