Match day volunteer roles at the Boro

The Co-Op are looking to support the Boro by assisting the club to find people to volunteer at home games and throughout the season. Below are a list of roles which the Club need support with and further details about the role. If you are interested in helping with this, please email us at
Role: Stadium announcer
Details: Make announcements over the P.A system, informing spectators of team news, match day information, safety information, as well as curating the music to play before the game and at half time. The P.A at Liberty Way has recently been refurbished and has been moved above the club office, giving the announcer a clear view of all the action. Could be suitable for someone looking to gain experience in media and public speaking.
Role: Camera operator
Details: Film all Boro home fixtures from the end of August onwards. Camera equipment will be provided by the football club. What is needed is someone who can keep the camera’s eye on all the action. Recording of games is a league requirement. Could be suitable for someone looking to gain experience in media.
Role: Social Media person
Details: To provide match updates via twitter for fans unable to attend the game. The club already have someone available to do this for most games, however backups are required.

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