Club Meeting: Structured Dialogue, Pricing and the Condition of Liberty Way.

We were able to hold a meeting with the football club for the first time in 2018 last week. Here’s what we discussed!

Structured Dialogue
Structured dialogue is a hot topic in the football world at the moment. Its already been introduced as a requirement for teams in the English Football League and has been trialled at teams in the National Leagues this season. It is likely that it will be introduced across the board in the National Leagues in the near future, making it a requirement for all clubs to meet regularly with their respective supporters’ groups.

At NTSC we aim to hold monthly meetings with the football club to put to them any issues that have been raised by our members and to ask questions about the club’s future plans. We also use this time to put forward any proposed projects that need the club’s input and plan for future events.

We agreed with the club that we can increase transparency of these meetings by publishing an expected timetable of our future meetings and by keeping you better informed about the discussions that take place.

To that end, any issues that aren’t laid out in detail here are summarised at the bottom of the page.

Attendances and ticket prices

We put two points to the club on attendances. The first was a follow up from our supporter survey last year on ticket prices. In that survey there was an overwhelming response in favour of lower ticket prices and we have asked the club to consider this when they’re reviewing their pricing structure for next season.

NTSC have also adopted a stance in opposition of the stand transfer that supporters must pay in order to sit down. We believe that this acts as a barrier to the elderly, those with small children, or anyone who feels they cannot stand throughout a match. We asked the club if they would consider scrapping this fee; they confirmed they’d consider this too.

The second point was an offer of help to the club in promoting any future fan days or reduced pricing initiatives, should they want to hold one. The club confirmed that they were hoping to go out to local schools with some kind of initiative next season, and that NTSC’s help in that would be welcomed.

State of the ground
Over the course of the winter, several concerns about the condition of the ground were passed to NTSC from fans and members. The persistent issue in this area is the PA system. It remains in a poor state, making it hard to hear any announcements in some parts of the ground. The club confirmed that they too were concerned by this but with it being such a big job to rectify, they were hoping to look at it during the off-season.

The other issues ranged from dangerous surfaces to inadequate lighting in exterior areas of the ground. The club confirmed that while they are compliant with the necessary safety and accessibility criteria, they would investigate these issues.

Other items discussed
• Continued planning for Race Night
• Outlining plans for player presentation and quiz night

Mental Health First Aider:
• NTSC offered to split cost of training with the club.
• Club confirmed that current physio carries out similar role for players but would re-visit next season.

Volunteer hub:
• NTSC will set up an area for fans who are keen to volunteer to help the club contact these people more easily.

Player Sponsorship:
• Club confirmed that NTSC could swap sponsorship of Brady Hickey to that of Luther Wildin for the remainder of the season.

200 Club:
• NTSC thanked Adam Etheridge at the club for his help in pushing the 200 Club.
• NTSC outlined our plan for continued push.

Community Foundation:
• Club explained work that the Community Foundation is planning to do, including coaching local teams/schools, women’s football and walking football.

Radio Project:
• Explained plan for this summer wrt to radio training.
• Club offered use of the club during the off-season.

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